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Packaging waste Regulations
The Producer Responsibility Obligations Regulations 1997 have been introduced in response to the EU Directive targets of 2008 for recycling and recovery.

Under producer Responsibility Obligations ( Packaging Waste ) Regulations 1997, an obligated company is one which :
1. Has a turnover exceeding 2 million.
2. Handles over 50 tonnes per annum of packaging materials.
3. Performs a packaging activity.
4. Supplies to another stage in the packaging chain.
An obligated company must register with either; the Environment Agency, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency or a registered Compliance Scheme.

WEEE Regulations
Commencing 1 July 2007 any business that manufactures, brands or imports electrical and electronic equipment are responsible for the cost of collection, treatment and recycling of obligated WEEE generated in the UK. The regulations also affect distributors and retailers of EEE as well as end users

Agricultutral waste regulations
The Agricultural Waste Consultation on proposals to extend waste management controls to agriculture was launched on 9th December 2004.

The uncontrolled burning of waste (excluding wood and plant matter) and burial of waste in farm tips will be prohibited.

It is suggested that farmers and growers can:
1. Think about the wastes they produce and how they can reduce, reuse or recycle.
2. Use available services for waste recovery and disposal.
The Waste Minimisation Manual (reference PB 4819 ) is available on the DEFRA website.

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