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Process scrap

Monoworld buy, and being actual recyclers of the plastic waste are able to offer top prices for process, production scrap, regrinds; in clear, colour printed form
We buy the following:-

- Clean post production waste
- LDPE film, HD film, lumps, regrind
- LD & HD injection, extrusion, scrap & regrinds
- PP Film & Reels, PP injection moulding scrap
- PVC Scrap or regrinds
- ABS Scrap or regrinds
- Nylon Scrap or regrinds
- PC Scrap from bottle or CD’s or regrind
- PS Scrap.

Monoworld is able to provide customers with storage cages, bags, skips on the site, trailers and regular collections for the waste materials.

The company has an on site weigh bridge linked to its stock control and
can provide, daily, weekly, monthly statements & reports for all

collections made.

Toll recycling or Compounding:
We could provide a service to recycle any waste generated internally on a service charge basis, where waste material can be converted to profitable feedstock which can be used again. This would also avoid high disposal costs.

All our recyclate will conform to high quality standards.

We could evaluate your waste and advise on the quality of the recyclate & also try to meet any specification.

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