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Waste Management

Monoworld follows a simple & highly efficient guide to waste management which delivers maximum value to its customers, resulting in increased levels of recycling & reduced disposal costs

Full Site and Business Waste Audit
Monoworld will carry out a site audit for its customers and produce a report

a report on how various wastes are being handled & disposed and provide recommendations for improved waste management.

Monoworld will identify materials which can be recycled, this can significantly reduce the amounts going to landfill. The company can also develop recycling for products which are contaminated, or materials which are difficult to handle. The company would also, working with the customer, develop a recycling action plan, which also allows for the recycling option to be feasible and practical.

On Site Waste Management & Equipment
Monoworld can provide on site waste management for customers who want the experts to take care of this area. The company will provide manpower, equipment, like bailing machines, fork trucks, sorting belts, on site trailers, skips, containers, cages & manage the entire in-house operation.

Collection & Recycling
Monoworld will collect and recycle products such as paper, cardboard, glass, any form of plastic, metal scrap. The waste is collected and transported to either of the 2 sites located in Goole (Yorkshire) or Rushden (Bedfordshire) where materials are sorted, baled, shredded, granulation, plastics are melted and processed in house. Other materials supplied to mills for melting and further recycling.

Report & Statements for materials Recycled
Both sites have on site security monitored weight bridges, which are linked to a computerized customer stock control system.
All Monoworld customers are provided with weekly, monthly reports detailing dates, which products have been collected and recycled, the tonnages collected and the revenue generated for the waste.

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